Tarraing anáil

Tarraing anáil invites you to rethink the most natural of all tasks, breathing. Step into the darkness and become the composer of your very own personal sound and light show. This intensely intimate bodily function will be amplified by a smart corset,  that unlike other corsets, allows you to breathe fully. It is embedded with electronics including sensors and fibre optics. The respiratory breath sensors measure your breathing behaviour and translate it into sound and light.

Here you can redefine breathing beyond the essential life sustaining gaseous exchange that we take for granted. The way we breathe effects everything we do; how we feel, our energy levels, how well we concentrate, our memory, our sleep and the choices we make. It has profound effects on our health affecting our respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, muscular and gastrointestinal systems. Retune your breath at the Tarraing anáil booth.

This work is the collaboration of Shirley Coyle, researcher and designer in the field of wearable technologies and smart textiles, and Jiann Hughes, interactive artist and researcher.